Cook & Serve or Sponsor A Meal For $25 for Breakfast or Dinner

Volunteer At Your Local Homeless Shelter

7 Days A Week

Cooking and/or serving meals here at HomewardBound is one of the most vital jobs our volunteers do for us.  This is also one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities out there! Every month we have holes in our calendar that we must fill. Things to keep in mind as a Meal Volunteer:

  • You and your group will be cooking and serving Breakfast/Dinner.
  • We can supply food or ingredients for your meals, but it depends if we have it in stock, otherwise you are responsible to provide your own ingredients.
  • We recommend stopping by a day or two before your meal to see what we have before you shop for your meal.
  • In the winter months we serve upwards of 150 meals per night and in the summer 100 meals per night.

Sponsored Meals

We understand it may be intimidating to cook for up to 150 people. Now with a $25 sponsorship fee our Culinary Training Program will do all the cooking of the meal and you and your group can come in and serve dinner to our residents. The sponsorship fee helps off set the cost of the meal.

If you would like more details on cooking dinner or Sponsoring dinner at the shelter  please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 970-256-9424 or

“Encouraging a Pathway Home”

HomewardBound is the local homeless shelter here in Grand Junction. In the winter months we serve upwards of 160 meals per night and 100 in the summer months. Here are a few helpful things to know when thinking about cooking and serving at HomewardBound. Groups should be no larger than 8 people. We are very limited on space, so any more than 8 it becomes too crowded. If you have a larger group, think about splitting them into 2 dates or having half cook and half serve!


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