As Western Colorado’s population grows, so too does the number of homeless living here. Particularly striking is how many families are in need of shelter: 34% of the homeless in America are homeless families with one of every 30 children being homeless. HomewardBound anticipates an ever-growing demand for temporary housing of families as we move into the 2020s and beyond. Further, the organization is pressed to address spacial concerns with the current facilities:

  • The North Avenue shelter is not big enough to meet the current need for shelter/care for the ill and frail.
  • The limitations in space severely hamper our ability to provide the services and support necessary that propels clients beyond shelter sustenance.

About the Project

The three-leveled shelter will provide 18,667 square feet – triple the size of our current facility – and will be located at 564 29 Rd in Grand Junction on a campus owned by HomewardBound and shared by Pathways Village Apartments. Scheduled to break ground in Fall 2018, Pathways Family Shelter will free up space at the North Avenue shelter to better meet the needs of single males and veterans, and will provide the following:

  • 80 beds for families and single women.
  • 4-bed Medical Day Shelter to provide on-site healthcare for ill residents.
  • Commercial kitchen and common dining/open area.
  • 9 full bathrooms with showers.
  • Children’s library, study area and indoor play areas.
  • Adult quiet/study areas and private/confidential conference rooms for training, coaching, referrals and completing job/public assistance applications.
  • Centralized HomewardBound administration and on-site partner organizations to help residents.

Learn More

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