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Pathways Village

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Low-income families and families without a home deserve a safe place to live and raise their children.

Our Pathways Village is the first step in addressing the need for homeless housing on the Western Slope. It is the first project to come out of the jointly-sponsored “Pathways Home Permanent Supportive Housing Toolkit” developed in the past year with leadership from the Governor of Colorado. Pathways Village will be the first housing of its kind along the Western Slope to provide homeless individuals and families with affordable housing, as well as the support services they need to live with dignity and to have economic self-sufficiency.


Who we are…

HomewardBound of the Grand Valley provides a safe and healthy step for homeless adults and families on their pathway home. We serve short-term needs and create opportunities by utilizing the strengths of our community partners here in the Grand Valley Region of Colorado’s Western Slope.

We are the only year-round emergency shelter serving women and children, who are not involved in domestic violence, in a 200 mile radius and one of only two serving men in the same area.

Who we serve…

There are currently 414 homeless households in Mesa County, according to data from the Colorado Coalition for Homeless, A Snapshot of Homelessness, Point-in-Time Study 2013. The of Pathways Village to addressed nearly 10 percent of those eligible households.

While Grand Junction is the largest city on the Western Slope, 16.1% of its population lives below the poverty line. The local Housing Authority currently has 1,240 unduplicated households on the voucher waiting list.

Last year we provided over 54,352 nights of shelter and 116,207 meals to disadvantaged people. Of these, 182 were part of the 67 families it sheltered. 11% are Veterans.

Families with children have priority at our nightly intake, receiving meals early and a nightly routine that promotes health and stability these children need in order to have the best chance of staying in school. Working guests are also given priority on nights when the shelter is at or above capacity, ensuring they have a place where they can rest and ready themselves for the next day. Those with special medical needs are also given a priority rating, thus reducing the burden on our medical community and the taxpayer. At HomewardBound, one night of shelter and two meals per person costs just $10.02, yet one day in Mesa County Jail costs $53.40 and the average cost of one visit to St. Mary’s ER is $1,296.

How will this new Family Center project work?

We initially embarked on this $2.2 million Capital Campaign in September 2013. In fall 2015, HomewardBound and Cardinal Capital Management broke ground on the new 2-story Family Center Shelter and 3-story multi-family Supportive Housing project.

Where are we now?

Only two things stand in our way: you sharing our idea and money. We’re a small nonprofit with an annual operating budget of about $500,000. That’s why we need help from beyond Colorado. This needs to be the moment when we acknowledge the value that homeless people have and create a real “supportive housing” model for the Western Slope.

We’re inviting you to participate in launching our idea! Donate $10, $25, $50, $100 or even $2,500 today. With your support, we are aiming to raise $35,000 (although we would love to blow past that)! To add fuel to the campaign, the Boettcher has offered to match the first $25,000 we raise, a generous Challenge grant.

Please share our story with your family, friends and co-workers using the Facebook button on this page or by email. Every time our story is told, an opportunity is created to help homeless families achieve economic stability.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes! Donations can be made here via our PayPal account. It’s quick, easy and safe and provides a good record. You can pay with a credit card at PayPal even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

And we have some great rewards! Shipping of incentives for U.S. contributors is free.

Check in with us via the comments here, or see us over at www.homewardboundgv.org. We’re also always checking emails at jjoyce@hbgv.org

Thanks for reading, and we’re excited to embark on this adventure together

Special thank you to our local Rent-a-Center and Penske for donating the use of store units to store items for the Family Center.

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