Donating to HomewardBound is more than a small token of kindness, it’s a vital contribution to our ongoing work of helping our homeless families, veterans and community members. Your donation helps keep the doors open, the beds warm and the hope alive for those who need a helping hand. We are committed to putting your gift to work immediately for each homeless man, woman or child in the Western Slope.

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Ways you can donate:

  • Make a Donation

    • Follow the link above to make a donation in the amount of your choosing to help us in our fight to end homelessness.
  • Wish List

    • Help us with any immediate needs by checking out our wish list and dropping by your donation between 8 a.m. & 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Cook & Serve a Meal

    • You can help us ensure each resident goes to sleep with their bellies full by cooking and serving a meal.
    • We understand it may be intimidating to cook for up to 150 people. Now with a $25 sponsorship fee to help offset the cost of the meal, members of our Culinary Skills Training Program will do all of the cooking so you and your group can come in and serve dinner. Sign up now!
  • Donation Packages

    • For those who may not have the time to help us at our facility, but still want to make a huge impact on several people lives, we offer pre-built donation packages to provide services for families!
  • Volunteer Your Time

    • Time is perhaps the most valuable thing to give, and we are always in need of volunteers for various tasks, projects and daily cleaning/maintenance. We’d love to get you set up!